Walking with Christ in West Africa

Where do we Work?

The work of setting up Discovery Bible Study Groups (DBS) started among the Ewe people in the Shia area of the Volta region on the border of Ghana and Togo in West Africa.

The Groups spread rapidly into the parts of the Volta region and across into Togo as Planters heard God telling them to visit new communities.

Groups spread in a community because each week the members of a Group tell their friends what they have learned: and those friends start new Groups. Now some towns have many Groups.

We want everyone in the town to be in a Group.

Soon the work jumped into Ewe communities in other parts of Ghana.

Now it has migrated into the young people in Accra and church planters all over Ghana are bringing the news to different ethnic groups.  People are asking about DBS groups in other West African countries.


Next we found Groups were springing up spontaneously. A Group member visits relatives for a birthday, a wedding, even a funeral, excited about their DBS Group they tell a cousin who agrees to start a Group in the new community, and suddenly there are twenty Groups in that Community. 

Sometimes we only find out when a Planter arrives there to start a group  and discovers them already working.

This is an authentic movement which started with six Planters. Now each of them has a Team with many of those Team members also having a Team. There are teenagers, pensioners, men, women, chiefs and queen mothers, educated and very poorly educated people all starting Groups. Each of them has found an exciting new life in God; each wants the Light to move into other communities.

Each Group member has found their own hearts have been changed. The chiefs all want Groups in their villages (even if they don’t want to join a Group themselves!).

They are all concerned for the poor and disadvantaged and have seen lives changed - people stop smoking weed; men stop beating their wives; people gain hope and want their community to develop.

Where will it all end? Only God knows – this is His work!