Walking with Christ in West Africa

The Discovery Bible Study Group

How Does it Work?
The Church Planter who is seeking to share God’s message will find a facilitator who will gather his Group (friends, family, work-mates) to discover: “Who is the God of the Bible?” The Planter trains the Facilitator to run the Group by asking the following questions (knowing that these will be informally reviewed by the Planter straight after the meeting). 
The Meeting starts with these questions:
What are you thankful for this week?
What have you struggled with this week?
What would you need to happen for things to be better?
What are the needs in the community where you live?
What can we do to meet those needs?

Next the Facilitator chooses a passage from the syllabus, e.g GENESIS 1 v1-2 v3 and reads it aloud.
He then asks the Group to re-tell the story in their own words, and allows 20 seconds for a response. If no one volunteers he reads it again. He again asks for someone to re-tell the story in their own words. If no one volunteers after twenty seconds, he reads it again. Group members may not dare to speak for two or three readings, because they haven't listened carefully enough, or are shy, frightened or whatever. Eventually someone will re-tell the story.
He then asks the Group if they agree with the re-telling, or wish to add things etc.
He then goes into the next questions:
What does the story tell us about this God?
What does this story tell us about people?
If you believe this is from God, what must you change in your life?
Who do you know with whom you can share this story this week?
When shall we meet again? (Only book one more meeting!)
The Second and Subsequent Meetings
The Facilitator asks the original questions to his Group and also asks:
Did you change anything in your life and how did it go?
Did you get a chance to meet the needs (in the Group or the community)?
Did you get a chance to share the story with somebody; tell us what happened?

Discovery Bible Study Syllabus




The readings are taken from the syllabus below:

God Creates  GENESIS 1 v1 to GENESIS 2 v3
God Creates Man and Woman  GENESIS 2 v4-24
Man and Woman Eat the Fruit  GENESIS 3 v1-13
God’s Curses  GENESIS 3 v14-24
God Regrets His Creation  GENESIS 6 v5-8
God Saves Noah and His Family  GENESIS 6 v9 to GENESIS 8 v14
God’s Covenant with Noah  GENESIS 8 v15 to GENESIS 9 v17
God’s Covenant with Abram   GENESIS 12 v1-8; 15 v1-6; 17 v1-7
Abraham Gives His Son as an Offering  GENESIS 22 v1-19
God Spares His People  EXODUS 12 v1-28
The Commands of God  EXODUS 20 v1-21
The Sin Offering  LEVITICUS 4 v1-35
God’s Righteous Servant  ISAIAH 53
Jesus is Born  LUKE 1 v26-38; 2 v1-20
Jesus is Baptized  MATTHEW 3; JOHN 1 v29-34
Jesus is Tested  MATTHEW 4 v1-11
Jesus and the Religious Leader  JOHN 3 v1-21
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman  JOHN 4 v1-26; JOHN 4 v39-42
Jesus and the Paralysed Man  LUKE 5 v17-26
Jesus Calms the Storm  MARK 4 v35- 41
Jesus and the Man with Evil Spirits  MARK 5 v1- 20
Jesus Raises a Man from the Dead  JOHN 11 v1- 44
Jesus Talks about His Betrayal  MATTHEW 26 v17-30
Jesus is Betrayed and Faces Trial  JOHN 18 v1 to JOHN 19 v16
Jesus is Crucified  LUKE 23 v32-56
Jesus is Resurrected  LUKE 24 v1-35