Walking with Christ in West Africa

The Renew West Africa Ghana Team

John-Paul Kwaku Afuya (Paul)

Originally from Shia, Paul moved to Accra to search for work and to start more Bible Discovery Groups.  His trade is that of a Cobbler and he was among the first group of planters/group leaders in December 2010. 

John was immediately impressed with his pastoral heart and ability to know which people not to put together in a group!  Paul was greatly influenced by the fact that his sister died in childbirth for want of a coin (about 40p) to give to the clinic.  He has planted more groups than anyone else (several hundred) and travels all over Ghana and Togo, despite his lack of formal education John could see he had an exceptional heart.

Ebenezer Forkuo Amankwaa

Ebenezer is the finance overseer for the Ghana team.  Administrator at Emmanuel Christian Fellowship - Madina, Accra: he has a Masters Degree and lectures at the University. 

Together Ebenezer and Paul will be responsible for continuing to implement John’s vision in Ghana.