Walking with Christ in West Africa

Get Involved

“God is working in an extraordinary way in Renew West Africa. But this is not a programme on TV, or the latest Christian thriller book or DVD. It really is happening today, and I have the immense privilege of seeing it for myself. I beg you: pray about how you can become involved, or if you feel it right, pass this onto any friends who you consider will be interested. Anyone who is doing anything with this work will find it transforms their life, I promise you.”  
John Day July 2013


This is the rock of the movement. We need a Prayer Co-ordinator to recruit a team of Prayers and Intercessors worldwide, provide information for them, and the website.

As an individual your prayers would also be most welcome in our work - please pray for guidance for the RWA Board of Trustees and pray that those working in West Africa continue to be guided by the new Light in their lives, that they remain safe to travel and that hearts will be opened as they bring God’s Word.



Until now the work has been run on a shoestring with sacrificial giving. Now we need to raise substantial resources to build something more effective. We need a Fund Raiser with a team committed to raising money for provision for the DBS and the Planters.


This is our working model: that every colleague is passionate about the simple vision of the DBS method but is free to bring their own gifting and communication in serving their aspect of the work.

For further details please get in touch using the Contact details on this website